gsplat — 3D Gaussian Splatting WebGL viewer

Users' Models

1930 Ford 45.0 MB
by Manuel Allinger
Excavator 82.7 MB
by Manuel Allinger
420 Purize(c) Trabant 62.8 MB
by Manuel Allinger
Nike Next 12.0 MB
by Alex Carlier
Amethyst 10.1 MB
by Alex Carlier
Push sledge 12.2 MB
by Alex Carlier
Red droplet 83.1 MB
by Marc Hasler
Human statue 78.6 MB
by Marc Hasler
Hilltop small church 71.3 MB
by Marc Hasler
Helvetia statue 69.0 MB
by Marc Hasler
Hillside Swiss lake 90.0 MB
by Marc Hasler
Roundabout at night 11.4 MB
by Marc Hasler
Ford S-MAX 56.4 MB
by Jakub Červený
Paris quadrifolia 41.8 MB
by Jakub Červený

Mip-NeRF 360 Datasets

Bonsai 31.9 MB
Room 38.0 MB
Counter 31.7 MB
Kitchen 45.8 MB
Stump 114.0 MB
Bicycle 133.3 MB
Garden 132.6 MB
Tree Hill 87.6 MB

Blender Synthetic Benchmarks

Lego 12.9 MB
Ship 13.3 MB
Drums 13.5 MB
Materials 12.4 MB


This tech demo visualizes outputs of INRIA's amazing new 3D Gaussian Splatting algorithm. It should work on most devices with a WebGL2 capable browser and some GPU power.

This is a work in progress. Some things left to do:

Let me know what you think!


Is this a NeRF?

No, it's a new algorithm that produces similar results but it's easier to display in real time, because the scene is represented by simple colored "blobs". The transparency and view-dependent color are inspired by NeRF, but the algorithm is completely free of any neural networks.

Can I upload my own model?

That would be cool, wouldn't it? However, at the moment I would have to add the dataset manually. If you do have a very nice splat model (a car?) that you would like to share here (with attribution), let me know!

There's artifacts when I turn the model quickly

WebGL can't do efficient GPU sorting of the splats, so I had to pull some tricks to make it work. The splats are sorted on the CPU and the ordering may take a few frames to get updated on the GPU. I recommend using Chrome/Safari for maximum performance of the CPU part. In the future, when WebGPU is available, this problem will go away.

It doesn't work on my device

Thanks for testing, I will be grateful for a bug report.

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